NGC7129 – The Rosebud Nebula

by on Nov.30, 2013, under Image Gallery


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NGC7129 is a reflection nebula that is located approximately 3,300 light-years away towards the constellation Cepheus. This young nebula is less than one million years old. It is about ten light-years wide, and it contains nearly one hundred and thirty thousand stars. Some of the young hot stars located within the nebula are ionizing portions of the cloud which can be seen as isolated regions of red nebulosity. The stellar winds from the same stars are blowing the gas and dust into a rosebud shape. Numerous Herbig Haro jets from newly born stars can also be seen in this image.

Image credit: Ryan M. Hannahoe and Salvatore Grasso
Exposure time: 35 hours
Equipment Used: 16″ RC Optical Systems Telescope, Bisque Paramount ME, and STX16803 CCD
Location: Perez Observatory at New Mexico Skies, Mayhill – New Mexico

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