Messier 78

by on Mar.04, 2015, under Image Gallery


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Messier 78 is a reflection nebula located 1,600 light years from Earth towards  the constellation Orion. This nebula is part of the Orion molecular cloud and has many active star forming regions within. There are over 45 young T-Tauri type stars, and 17 Herbig Haro objects located within M78. Mc’Neils nebula can also be seen in the lower right portion of this image.

Image credit: Ryan M. Hannahoe and Salvatore Grasso
Equipment Used: 16″ RC Optical Systems Telescope, Bisque Paramount ME, and STX16803 CCD
Software Used: ACP Scheduler, TheSkyX, MaxIM DL, and FocusMax
Location: Perez Observatory at New Mexico Skies, Mayhill – New Mexico

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